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Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics

With analytics, you can get a real-time insight into the progress of the case.

How many tasks were completed last week? How many tests failed with ventilation yesterday? You can see it here!

Structure of the analytics

Access the overview by selecting Analytics in the sidebar (if you can't see the button, the module is not activated for the project).
Choose the area you want to view data on (tasks, QA, etc.).
Optionally perform additional searches and customizations.

Analytics overview

Select the data view

You can switch between the different filters. For example, do you want to see only QA? Or just tasks?

Dashboard default filters

Customize the view

You can apply additional filtering to the data if needed. When using the "Edit/Search" function, you can perform further searches (screenshot), but you can also edit the graphs directly by dragging them around. You can save your settings for reuse later.

Customize data

Video guide

Updated on: 11/06/2023

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