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Baseline - a history in the timeline

Schedules are often dynamic, but with a baseline, you can save snapshots of the schedule.


After you have built the entire schedule and are in a meeting where tasks are about to be adjusted, you can save a baseline before making any changes. This allows you to always go back and see how the schedule looked before.

Create a baseline
Make changes
Compare the new schedule with your baseline

Everyone can access baselines.

Baseline Overview

You can access baselines from the tools button (1) or with the quick function (2).

The quick function is highlighted in yellow if there is no baseline saved for "today."

Baseline buttons

Activate a baseline

When you activate a baseline (1), it will be displayed under the current schedule with blue bars.

If tasks/items have been deleted since you saved the baseline, a popup will provide information about it.

Activating baseline

Updated on: 11/19/2023

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