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Import MS Project schedule

MS Project has long been a "go-to" program for creating schedules. In CxPlanner, we don't just create schedules; we integrate them with the rest of the construction process.

MS Project is still commonly used in the industry, so we have developed an import and export function, allowing you to import and export MS Project files directly into CxPlanner.

Importing MS Project

If you have received an MS Project file for a construction project, open it in MS Project. Once you've opened the file in MS Project, save it as an XML file.

After saving the file as an XML file, you can import it into CxPlanner.

Note: By default, CxPlanner will sort tasks based on the start date within groups. In some cases, you may need to rearrange the sorting after an import if you haven't sorted your schedule by dates.

Import MS Project Schedule

Export to MS Project

You can also export your schedule as an MS Project file at any time. This means you can work on your schedule in CxPlanner and export it as an MS Project file.

Simply select the download button and click "Download MS Project XML."

Once you've downloaded the file, you can open it in MS Project.

Updated on: 11/19/2023

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