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Project Folder (Master project)

Project folder

A Project Folder contains common projects. It gives you the ability to collect data across your projects.

In a Project Folder, you get some unique tools that enable you to quickly get an overview. This includes:

A Gantt chart that consolidates and summarizes all the different project schedules. Here, you can see if there are any overlaps and how the times fit together.
A consolidated task list that gives you the ultimate overview of tasks across the projects.


A Project Folder is a container - a way to collect common projects.

Therefore, you must first add common projects, which you can then collect in your Project Folder.

A project folder is the same as a master project.


The example below shows a Project Folder, which contains 2 different projects: "Nova HQ" and "Follow up with SC".

Project folder

When to use a project folder

A project folder can collect multiple projects and give you a full overview across the projects. Image having 7 different projects with different involved parties.

I you collect those 7 projects in a project folder, you will be able to see all the tasks and gantt chars across the projects.

Example on structure

Add a new project folder

You create a new Project Folder from your project overview. Go to projects via the left sidebar.

You company needs have access to the project folder module


Access to a project folder

It is only user which have been added to the project folder, who can see it.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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