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Project introduction

When you are working within CxPlanner, it will in most cases be on a project.

Our projects is built around a dynamic structure, which means that you can customize the project to your needs. You can create a specific Quality project, Commissioning project or a Project management project.

Project types

There are three different types of projects:

Normal ProjectThis is the default project type and the one you would use most of the time. These types of projects allow you to utilize all the tools and modules within CxPlanner.
Project FolderA project folder enables you to group multiple normal projects in a larger container. This can be handy if you prefer to organize multiple projects for one client. See more here.
Tender ProjectThis project type allows you to create a simple tender/bid, where you can invite other companies to bid on a project.

If you are in doubt - always use a normal project

Access to a project

It is only users, who has been added to a project, who can access the project.

There are different project roles, which gives different access to the project. That is detailed in the Project roles article.

Project overview

You can always access your projects through the sidebar:

Project overview with add new project buttons

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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