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Working offline

Loosing internet connection (working in a basement?)

If you lose internet or go down into a basement, you can still work with CxPlanner.

You can create new tasks and take pictures. Everything you do will be saved on your device and synchronized when you have internet again.

If you need to switch between pages when you are online, then you must have visited those pages before.

Note: To access pages, you must have visited them before. To use the table view, you must have been on it.

Preparing for full offline work

If you are going to work a lot offline, you can synchronize a project to your phone or computer.

Click on your icon at the top right and select "Offline Synchronization". Then click on "Synchronize data to cache" and select what you want to synchronize. You are now ready to work offline.

Note: Make sure you have enough space on your device.

Note: You will synchronize checklists where you are assigned. You cannot create new checklists in offline mode.

Note: If you have flaky internet then you might need to go in "flight-mode" to avoid that your device tries to go online.

Flaky/slow internet connection

If you have a bad connection, then you might want to wait with uploading data. You can do that by "Pausing uploads".

This feature allows you navigate within CxPlanner, but all checklists and tasks that you create will first be uploaded when you "un-pause" it.

Offline menu

Offline settings

Updated on: 03/13/2024

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