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Customize and add extra data to test items

Customize name of optional fields and adding more fields

Within a template you customize the name of the optional fields (Scope, Method, etc.).

Warning - if you combine multiple checklists, the latest imported settings will take precedence


If you are combining two or more templates on a project, then the lastest imported template will decide the name of the optional fields.

Example: If you have changed the name of "Scope" to "Area" in templateA, and you have changed the name to "System" in templateB. Then when importing first templateA and then templateB, the name inside the checklist will rename all "Scope" to "System".

How to add more fields and change the default naming

You just need to click on the column headers which will bring up the editor.

Customize headers

The editor will allow you to:
Change the name
Enable more fields
Save your changes

Edit custom fields

Updated on: 04/19/2024

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