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Find the template center for checklists

Hit the ground running with your own Template-center, where you can manage all of your checklists and test sheets.

The Template-center let's you either create your own checklists and test sheets, or use CxPlanner's default templates.

What can you do in the Template-center

There multiple ways to work with templates, but the main ways are:

Create personal templates you use own your own projects
Share templates with your company and streamline your workflows
Import your Excel XLSX checklist and test sheets into CxPlanner

Different kind of templates

You can create multiple different templates to use on your projects. It depends on your company-profile which templates you have access to.

The basic templates are:
Project templates (for full project setup)
Checklists and test sheets
Folder structures in the file-module

You are required to have a real company-profile to access the Template-center. Contact support if you can't find it.

The examples below can vary depending on which modules there are enabled on your company-profile.

Template area

You can access the Template-center in the sidebar, when you are on your main dashboard:

Navigate to the Template-center:

Template-center in sidebar

Find the template in one of the menus:

Checklist-area (private, company and public templates)

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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