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Import checklist from Excel to the template center

You easily import your existing checklist and test sheets into CxPlanner's structure.

Use the method below or contact our support-team, who will do the importing for you directly!

Import yourself

Click on the "Import from XLSX (Excel)" button:

Import XLSX button

Download the Excel template converter

In the popup box select the "Download template". This file will let you convert your existing spreadsheets into a format, which CxPlanner can import.

Download import template

Insert / copy your data into the template file

The screenshot below shows two items. It's only required to use the "Topic/Heading" and the "Test item" fields.

When you have inserted your data just copy the result from the green column (to the right) into CxPlanner.

The data you shall copy is located at far right. You might need to scroll to the right to find the column. The cells are highlighted with a green color.

Simple import

(You can hide/show the advanced field with the plus/minus buttons)

Simple import view

Advanced import

Advanced import

1 - Required fields

These fields must be used. Set the topic (the block containing the items) and the test item descriptions.

2 - Optional fields

You can add additional information in these fields.

3 - Comment on fail

If you set an "X" in this field, then the user must provide a comment if they fail an item.

4 - Required input

The first column specifies when the required fields should be active.

The other columns allows you require certain values, e.g. if you set an "X" in the photo column, then the user must take and upload a photo.

5 - Advanced options

These columns allows you to set advanced options.

6 - Copy/Paste column

These are the values you must copy paste into CxPlanner.

Import the data

Paste the data from the green column into the text area and click "Import data" - voila!

Import Excel data

Updated on: 10/14/2023

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