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Types of users (company and project users)

User Types

In CxPlanner, there are two different user types:

Company User: The first type is a company user, the one you log in with.
Project User: The second type is a project user, determining the rights you have on a project.

Company User

A company user is connected to a company. If one of your colleagues adds you to the platform, it is often to grant you access to your shared company.

There is no limitation on how many different profiles can be connected to a project.

To create a user for the company platform, click on your "avatar" in the top left corner of the screen (some have a profile picture). Then click "Users" -> Now you are ready to create users directly on the platform. (Typically used if you are creating administrators or moderators on the company platform).

Company Roles

There are three different roles for company profiles:

AdministratorThis user has full control over the platform. The profile can view the company agreement with CxPlanner, create new company users, create new projects, and create new templates.
ModeratorThis user can create new company users, create new projects, and create new templates.
UserThis user can create new templates. This user type is used for users who only need to be connected to projects. It could be external collaborators or employees who only need to participate in one project.

Permission to Create New Projects

Only users with the company roles Administrator and Moderator have this permission. You can change users to have this role in the user overview.

Access the user overview by clicking on your profile picture in the top right and then selecting "Users."

Project User

When you gain access to a project, you will also be assigned a role/permission on the project. This is what we call a project user.

There are different types of roles on a project, independent of the role you have as a company user. For example, you can make an external construction consultant an administrator on a project, allowing her to manage and administer the project for you.

For details on each role, you can go to project roles.

Who Should Have Which Role

AdministratorThe project administrator is the highest authority. You should ensure that as few as possible have this role, as these users can delete the project.
ManagerA manager is the daily project leader in CxPlanner. This person can manage and administer the project and users. The project's project manager is this person.
ConsultantThe consultant role can be given to individuals assisting the Manager in daily tasks. For example, a construction consultant helping with task control and completion.
AdvisorThe advisor is often an engineer or architect. These individuals can answer tasks and create inspections.
ContractorContractors are the executing parties on the project. They can answer tasks and create quality assurance.
ObserverAn observer is someone who can only view what happens in the project.

Updated on: 11/19/2023

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