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User-groups on a project

A User-group is smart way to set extra access requirements on one or more users.

You can combine multiple users from different companies into a User-group, and you can the restrict the access for this specific group.

Examples on User-groups

Turnkey contractor: Include the Turnkey Contractor and all sub-contractors. Now you can easily give access to the files-module.
Ventilation contractor: Now you can easily give access to specific folders to all of them, and you can limit so they only can see the tasks they are assigned to.

Options with a User-group

You have the following options when using User-groups:

Limit view: This will restrict so the users can only see the tasks which are assigned to them or assigned to their company.
Limit create new tasks: This will block the users from adding new tasks.
Access to folders in the files-module: You can give access to a User-group to specific folders. That way you don't need to assign access to each user.

!! Users with project role as Admin or Manager is not affected by the option "Limit view" in user groups

Assigning users to a User-group

When adding a new user to a project, you will be asked to assign a User-group. It's optional, and you can always come back later and (re)assign the User-group.

Managing the User-groups

You access the User-groups by the yellow button (1) within the project settings. You can at any time change a users user-group (2).

User-groups in the project settings

Updating the User-groups

The screenshot below shows how the interface of User-groups look like.

Editing and adjusting user-groups

Updated on: 01/08/2024

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