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User-groups on a project

A User-group is smart way to set extra access requirements on one or more users.

You can combine multiple users from different companies into a User-group, and you can the restrict the access for this specific group.

Examples on User-groups

Turnkey contractor: Include the Turnkey Contractor and all sub-contractors. Now you can easily give access to the files-module.
Ventilation contractor: Now you can easily give access to specific folders to all of them, and you can limit so they only can see the tasks they are assigned to.

Options with a User-group

You have the following options when using User-groups:

Limit view: This will restrict so the users can only see the tasks which are assigned to them or assigned to their company.
Limit create new tasks: This will block the users from adding new tasks.
Access to folders in the files-module: You can give access to a User-group to specific folders. That way you don't need to assign access to each user.

Assigning users to a User-group

When adding a new user to a project, you will be asked to assign a User-group. It's optional, and you can always come back later and (re)assign the User-group.

Managing the User-groups

You access the User-groups by the little cog within the project settings.

Access the User-group menu

Updating the User-groups

The screenshot below shows how the interface of User-groups look like.

User-groups with options

Updated on: 02/21/2023

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