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Access to files and folders

Who has access to folders and files

An Administrator or a Manager must grant access to individual users or user groups before they can open folders in the file structure.

This is a security measure to prevent accidentally giving users access to confidential documents.

Permission levels for folders

There are 3 different permission levels that you can assign to users.

Write: The user has full access to the folder and can upload, read/view, and delete files in a folder.
Read: The user has access to the folder, but can only read/view the files.
None: The user has no access to the folder.

In addition to these 3 primary permission levels, there is an additional option: Can delete. If it is turned on, then the user can delete other people's files in the selected folder. If it is disabled, the user can only delete his own files.

Administrators will always have "Write" permissions, while other users will have "None" permissions by default.

Where to grant access to folders

In the file module, you need to click on the menu button and select access control and permissions.

Only users with the project role of Administrator and Manager can do this.

Access control area

Grant access to folders and files

When granting access, you can do it in 2 ways:

1) User groups

Here you grant access to a group of users.

This can make it easier if, for example, everyone from the general contractor needs access to the same thing (see more in our user group help article).

2) Person-specific

The person-specific access is on the individual user.

You can use it to give users access, but you can also use it to give users more access than the user group they are a part of.

Give access

1) User group: Access per user group

The top menu contains user groups. When you click on (activate) a user group, it turns green.

Select which folders the user group should have access to.

You can change people's user group in the project settings.

2) Person-specific: Special access for individual users

If there are individual users who need extra access - that is, more access than the user group they belong to, you can add them in the bottom menu.

If a user has access through a user group, you cannot remove access here. You can only give more access.

Locked folders: Folders owned by the administrator

Can't find a folder? If a user with the project role of Administrator has locked a folder, only Administrators on the project can grant access to it.

Access log

You can always see who has had access to which folders, as well as who has granted them access.

When you are in the "User Rights" menu, you can click the "Access log for changes" button. All changes will be displayed here.

Updated on: 04/25/2024

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