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FAQ: Platform access, Company roles and Project roles

The different access rights

There are two different kind of access in CxPlanner:

The Platform (company) access = Company role
The access to project = Project role

Company roles

The company role is your internal role given by your own administrator. These roles are used to manage you company platform and license.

It is this role which defines, what you can do on the "platform-level". By that means:

Adding new projects
Seeing special statistics
Managing security

The different company roles

The company roles are based into 3 categories:

User: Is a normal user. This user needs to be assigned to projects. The user cannot create projects or add users to the platform. These users would normally be project users and external people.
Moderator: This user can add new users to the platform and create new projects. This would normally a project manager or commissioning authority who needs to be able to create and manage their own projects.
Admin: This is the company administrator with full power and access. This user can add users and projects and see and change the company platforms settings.

Project roles

The project role has nothing to do with the company role. They are completely separated.

A project role is giving you on a specific project. This role defines what you can do on this specific project, that could be:

Changing project settings
Adding new users to the project
Closing tasks and issues

A user with low company role can be given Admin rights on a project. Then, even though the user has a low company role, the user can manage everything on the project.

The different project roles

Admin: Can do anything on the project (change settings, delete project, etc.)
Manager: Can add new users to project, create tasks and close tasks.
Consultant: Can create new tasks and and close tasks.
Designer: Can create new tasks, re-assign tasks, but only close tasks created by the user.
Contractor: Can create new tasks, re-assign tasks, but only close tasks created by the user.
Viewer: Can only view tasks.

Limit project access

To further limit or specify what a user on a project can see please read the article on "[Options with a User groups]("

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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