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Procore integration

Procore Integration to CxPlanner

CxPlanner is available within Procore's marketplace as an embedded app. That means you can use CxPlanner seamlessly within your Procore project.

Get Started

There are two main ways to integrate CxPlanner into one of your projects. If you, as the owner of the Procore project, also have a license for CxPlanner, you can do the project matching yourself. If you hire a third-party commissioning company that has a CxPlanner license, then that company needs to do the project matching.

The Procore project owner needs to enable the CxPlanner app on the project.

Setting up the project
The user with the CxPlanner license then needs to:

Open the Procore project.
Open the CxPlanner integration from the app dropdown.
Log in to CxPlanner.
Select the corresponding CxPlanner project and perform the "Project matching."

Project Matching

When you are opening CxPlanner within a Procore project, we will try to match the Procore project ID to a CxPlanner project. If there is a match, we will open the project.

If there are no match, you can:

Select an existing project and match it to the Procore project.
Create a new project with the Procore project's name.


This app integration does not change your current workflow within Procore or CxPlanner.

Once the Procore project has been matched inside CxPlanner, it will automatically be accessible from the Procore-CxPlanner app.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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