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"No more projects available"

Trying to create a project but getting an error message telling you, that you have used all of your projects? Then you need to can increase the number of projects. That can be done by contacting our support of accessing your companies access-area here: [Company Access] (

Can't Login - getting "503"

If you attempt to log in and receive a 503 response, it means our system has detected unusual behavior. In many cases, this could be due to your browser extensions. Please try disabling them.

For example, some password managers try to input your password automatically. However, we have hidden anti-spam input fields. If your password manager interacts with these fields, we may detect spam activity and respond with a 503 error.

Pictures not included in the PDF reports

If you are missing pictures in your reports, there are a few ways to check for issues. First, ensure the image formats are supported by CxPlanner. We support common formats like JPEG, JPG, HEIC, and PNG.

To verify this:
Open the task containing the pictures.
Check the comment tab.
Can you see the picture, or only a file icon? If you only see a file icon, the picture will not be included in the report.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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