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Bulk edit checklists

There are two ways to bulk edit checklist. This article will show how to do in the browser. For the bulk editing using the Excel 2-way sync please read this article.

Video guide

Enable the bulk editing

To enable bulk editing click on the grey "Menu" and select bulk editing. Then you should see the yellow buttons:

Bulk editing in the system and test view

(1) Select checklists

Select the checklist you want to edit.

(2) Move selected checklists

When clicking on this a popup will be shown, and you can select where the items should be moved. Please be aware, that the parent will be changed on all of the items with checkmarks. You can move folders, but then only the top level should be checked.

(3) Import templates

This allows you to quickly import one or multiple checklist to all of the selected checklists.

(4) Copy selected checklists

This is quick copy of selected checklist. Specify the number of copies.

(5) Delete options

This will give you different options:

Delete the selected checklists
Delete the selected checklists AND their childs
Delete the items within the checklists (e.g. imported templates)

Updated on: 04/19/2024

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