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Links to files and drawings + external links

An advanced feature in the System and test view is to provide both internal and external links to files.

Imagine that you have all you drawings uploaded in the files-module, then you just got to know the name of the file to make a binding to a checklist.

Enabling the columns

To use this feature you must the the custom columns in the settings. The supported columns are: Col1 - Col16.

Formatting data

When inserting data - which can be done by hand or by importing the spreadsheet just include a prefix:

If we have a file with the name PID_COOLING.pdf then just insert it like: file:PID_COOLING.pdf and CxPlanner formats it for you. When user clicks on it the drawing will open in our document viewer.

Users must have access to the area in the files to access the file.
Be careful with external links.

Example of data

Updated on: 04/19/2024

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