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Working tips for the System & Test view

General tips and tricks for working the System & Test view.

Core editing and working tools

This sections shows the basic way of working in the view. For the advanced methods scroll to the bottom.

System and test view

(1) Add a checklist and auto-open it

Use this button to add a new checklist and open it directly. When using this button, you can either create it by the name only, or you can import a template and mark the location on a drawing.

(2) Add a checklist - but stay in the list

Using this "secret" button you will add a new top-level checklist. It's a good way to create overviews. In the picture the "Mechanical complete" is created this way.

(3) Add a child item to checklist

You can use the grey buttons on each row/line to add sub-items (child). This is an easy way to append additional checks or equipment.

(4) Search and filter checklists

Use any of the white input areas in the table to search and filter for checklists.

(5) Filter the checklist you are responsible for

Use the button to quickly filter on the checklist where you are assigned.

(6) Change the size of the columns in the System & Test view

You can drag the column sizes (left/right) to change their width. The sizing will be remembered between page-reloads. It is a personal setting.

(7) Open a checklist

Just click on the "Open" buttons to open/go-to a checklist.

Advanced editing in the System & Test view

The advanced editing allows you bulk edit and change the checklists.

Tools in the system and test view

(1) Access the advance menu

If you have access to it, you will see the grey menu button.

(2) Bulk edit items

This option allows you to bulk edit the checklist from within this view.

(3) Download overview in Excel

This downloads the full overview in Excel. It is the default export.

(4) Extra download options

Other ways to export the overview (PDF, CSV, etc.)

(5) Bulk import from Excel

First, download the overview in Excel (4), then proceed with this. See this help article here.

(6) Gantt timeline + other tools

For this project you can access the Gantt timeline. There might be additional tools showed here depending on the modules enabled.

(7) Settings

In the settings you can change:

The visible columns
The name of the columns
How the columns are sorted

Updated on: 04/19/2024

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