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Bulk import and updating of checklists with Excel

Bulk menu

Access the area by clicking on the grey "Menu" and selecting "Add many":

Access the bulk import

Bulk import area


In the advanced menu you can download a full overview of all the columns you can specify. Use the inline-link.

To build an indent (folder), insert a X in the "Sub"-column. No-X means it's a top-level folder.
To update data, just change it.
To change the sorting, just move rows.
To add new, just add new lines and give them a name.


If there's an ID-number i column A ("ID"), then when importing the spreadsheet, CxPlanner will try to find that checklist and update it with any changes.

When you insert an X in column B ("Sub"), the line will automatically be an indent to the checklist above - except if the line above has the same amount of X's.

You cannot delete checklists by deleting lines in the spreadsheet. Don't worry.

If you change some text, or move a row, then that will be reflected in CxPlanner.

**Screenshot 4**

Re-import advanced

You can at anytime re-open the advanced menu, download the overview, re-structure the lines, update text, and the re-import it.

Updated on: 02/22/2024

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