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Bulk import and updating of checklists with Excel

CxPlanner provides seamless bi-directional synchronization with Excel spreadsheets. This makes it very easy to input data into the platform upfront and update it during the project.

For working with import/export functionality you just need to use CxPlanner's spreadsheet template - more info on that in this article.

Bulk import menu

To access the "Bulk-import" area and upload a file just follow the two (2) screenshots below. Be sure to read the whole article on the format requirements before uploading a file.

You must be either a Manager or Admin on the project

Access the menu
Access the import area

Upload the file
Bulk upload

The spreadsheet template

To import you need to use CxPlanner's spreadsheet template. You can download it during the import process (see the picture above) or just click on the Menu-button and select download overview.

This spreadsheet includes many different options and utilities for you. But the three (3) core items you must know are:
ColumnRequiredMust have dataInfo
IDTrueFalseThe ID column holds a unique reference to the item inside CxPlanner. That means, if you update this row and re-import the spreadsheet we will update the item for you inside CxPlanner. If there's no value present in the ID-column we will create a new item inside CxPlanner. Be careful not to have duplicates!
SubTrueFalseThe "sub"-column indicates the indentation level of the item - it is this field which is used to build up the tree structure. There must always be at least one (1) root-folder which is empty. Build the tree structure with simple "X"s; just put an additional X to create a sub-item.
AssetTrueTrueThis is the name of the equipment or system. This column must always have data.

Adding new items
Keep the ID-column empty

Updating existing items
The ID-column must include the ID reference (auto generated)

Deleting items
It is not possible to delete items using the import function.

Example of the spreadsheet template

If there's an ID-number i column A ("ID"), then when importing the spreadsheet, CxPlanner will try to find that checklist and update it with any changes.

When you insert an X in column B ("Sub"), the line will automatically be an indent to the checklist above - except if the line above has the same amount of X's.

You cannot delete checklists by deleting lines in the spreadsheet. Don't worry.

If you change some text, or move a row, then that will be reflected in CxPlanner.

Import spreadsheet

Updating existing data

To update existing data export the overview and start update the data. You can modify names, categories, assign templates etc. The only requirement is that you don't change the ID in the first column.

It is also possible to rearrange/move equipment around; just remember to align the X's in the Sub-column.

Updated on: 04/19/2024

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