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"Completed by" setting

Completed by setting

In some industries, it is required to have a "completed by" option in checklists. This is often used is special industries, such as the oil & gas platforms.

When this setting is enabled, then users with the project role as Designer or Contractor can only complete the checklist. After the completion, another user must then either approve or reject the checklist.

Enabling the feature

The feature can be enabled within the "Project settings => Checklists => <scroll to the bottom>".

You can enable and disable the settings when needed.

Feature scope

The setting will be applied to all checklists not matter the module within CxPlanner.

How to

Enable the setting
You have to assign a checklists to a user or the users company.
If the user has the project role as Designer or Contractor, then the user will be presented with 1 button in the checklist: "Completed by".

When the user has clicked the "Completed by", the normal approval buttons will be shown on a refresh, but only a user with higher project role can use them (from consultant and up).

An Admin or Manager can always override and ignore the completed-by button and approve/reject the checklist at any time.


Awaiting "completed by"

Awaiting completed by

"Completed by" clicked

Completed by clicked

Rejected a checklist after "completed by"

Rejected after completed by

Updated on: 11/03/2023

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