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Customize the overview (columns, percentage, etc.)

You can customize the overview in the settings. Access the settings with "Menu => Settings".

You must be either a Manager or Admin to access these settings.

Custom buttons

You can specify whether you need more action buttons shown in the overview. E.g. the "Create task" button will create a new task within the checklist, but done from the overview area.

On desktop the buttons will be in individual columns. On mobile device the buttons are showed directly under the checklists name.

Checklist buttons


You can customize the columns to show in the overview.

Visibility: Just set a check in the "visible".
Name: You can also change the name for the columns. (some columns have static naming)
Order: You can drag and drop the order by dragging on the icon to the left

Customize columns


The main percentage column can use one of three calculation methods.

How to calculate percentage


The default sorting is always alphabetic. You can change which columns to sort on, and you can also change which column the childs should be sorted by.

Checklist sorting

Adding new items in the sidebar

Please see this help article Structure checklist and systems with new menus

Extra items in the sidebar

Updated on: 04/19/2024

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