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Use spreadsheets inside checklists for TAB

You can use inline spreadsheets directly inside your checklists. This allows you customize the design and the values you need to obtain.

You can use Excel-formula's inside the spreadsheet.


You can copy-paste data directly from your local spreadsheets, or just write directly in the cells. Each cell can be customized with colors and font.

Input cells

You must select the cells which the user can input data into. You do that by using the button in the toolbar or by right clicking and select "Input field".


It is also possible to use formulas to perform calculations. The available functions are: +, -, /, *, (, ), SUM(), AVERAGE(), &. To use a formula start by writing = in the cell followed by the formula.

General: Eg.: =C2+B2+(G3-G5)*2



The screenshot below shows how to set up 3 solar panels including the values.

Input fields

Note that the three green columns (with a little pen) is the input-fields. You must select the fields, which the user can edit, and click the "Input-field".


The purple fields are calculations (formula) which then are formatted as a percentage.

Example formulas

On the right side a couple of example formulas are shown.

Spreadsheet example

Updated on: 11/19/2023

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